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An overview of Execution plans

I was asked a question about this recently, so I thought I’d start this blog off with a brief overview of SQL Server’s execution plans.

Simply put, a query’s execution plan is the query translated into a hierarchical set of operators that the query execution engine understands. The query optimiser is responsible for producing this plan.

A query can have a number of different possible execution plans, depending on the resources available on the server, the amount of data in the source tables, the load on the server.



I’ve been considering a blog for a while and I decided to finally take the plunge.

So, what’s this blog all about?

Well, mainly it’s going to be about SQL Server. I’m a SQL developer and my main interest is around performance tuning and optimisation. Other people make the database work, I make it work fast.

There will be occasional diversions into other interests from time to time, but mainly I’ll be writing about SQL Server

Let’s get this show on the road and see how it turns out.