RIP Ken Henderson

I just ran across the news now. Oh my.

I attended a presentation that he did at the Pass conference in Denver last year. I was struck by his passion and humility. I have two of his books, and they are for me a first point of reference for any problem.

He will be sorely missed.

Edit: Just ran across a very nice tribute to Ken.

Ken Henderson


  1. Edagar

    Ken is my baseform and framework of my apps since 1997. The orange book, yes. It was burned in 2000 with the rest of our office but Ken lives on.

    It is sad that I pay my tribute this way. I am spreading your work, Ken. You will live in me and my students. “Danny T has database so large that it needs its own satellite.” The book was burned but the spirit lives. Our baseform lives!

  2. Richard

    no. Ken’s “Guru’s guide to transact SQL” started my DBA career. I read the basics elseware, but whenever I had a knotty problem – there was the answer, already waiting. Thanks mate.


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