Food for thought

I ran across this interesting article this morning. It’s long, but a very worthwhile read.

While there is a lot more to it, I came away from it with 2 realisations:

  1. To get better at something, it must be difficult.
  2. The longer you work on something, the easier it gets.

Just something to think about over the weekend.


  1. Wayne

    I haven’t read the article yet, but I have it queued up in my browser. On point #1, I had heard a variation of it as never take a job that you’re absolutely confident, take the one that you’re a little bit intimidated by. Some minor food for thought.

    And congrats again on the MVP! I didn’t know you were an RP’er, hopefully that might ensure you get the Black Adder reference that I left at SSC.

  2. Gail

    Interesting variation, and one I would agree with. It’s one of the reasons I’m leaving my current company. It’s now too easy.

    I’m actually not a Black Adder fan. Doesn’t matter, I’ll look the ref up later.


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