Mid-year round up

It’s half way through 2008 and I’m not sure where the year went. It feels like it was Christmas just the other week. Being half way through the year, I thought I’d do a quick look back over what has happened so far.

The big news is that this morning I handed in the formal letter of resignation. As of the end of July, I will be leaving the investment bank that I have been working at for almost four years and will be moving into a consulting role. I will be joining a small consulting and training company (XpertEase). It’s a big move and it was a difficult decision to make.

The investment bank has been a fantastic place to work, one of the best companies that I’ve worked for. All good things do however come to an end and it is time for me to move on to wider horizons. I’m going to miss my colleagues though.

Looking back at the goals I set for the first half of the year, I didn’t fall too short 🙂 The goals I set were:

  • Read and finish one database book every 2 months.
  • Read at least one C# book
  • One blog post a week
  • One SQL or development related podcast a week

I read one SQL book during Jan/Feb and a second in Mar/Apr. I started a third in May but have not yet finished it.

I didn’t manage to even buy a C# book, let alone read one. I did however read part of a book on system architecture and part of one on Windows Sharepoint, so that kinda makes up.

Looking back over the blog posts this year, I’ve written about 20 IT-related posts this year and about 5 non-IT related posts. It’s under the 26 I was planning to have by now, but not badly so.

I’ve started listening to IT-related podcasts in the car on the way to and from work. It beats the repetitive music that the radio station puts out. I’ve been listening to SQL Down Under, HanselMinutes, RunAsRadio and a little DotNetRocks. All in all, a nice collection.

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