South African SQL Server User Group revived

The first meeting of the revived South African SQL Server usergroup will be at 18:30 on Tuesday the 21st of October. The meeting will be held at the auditoriums at the Microsoft office, 3012 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston, Johannesburg. (directions)

I will be presenting a talk titled Effective Indexing. I’ll looking at the considerations for selecting clustered and non-clustered indexes, what should and should not be indexed and how queries affect the decision on indexing. If there’s time, I’ll also talk briefly on index maintenance. The talk is a slight modification of the one that I presented at TechEd South Africa this year.

The event is open to anyone interested in SQL Server. Please post a comment if you’re interested in attending.


  1. Ben

    Any chance on making your slides/notes public after the event? The Effective Indexing talk would be of particular interest to me.

  2. William

    I will definitely be attending. Looking forward to it!

  3. Gail

    I’ll definitely post the slides afterwards. I will need to add some details, as currently they’re just an outline

  4. Thinus

    Sounds interesting… Add 1 more to the attendee list ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Gail

    Excellent. I look forward to seeing you there.

  6. Fridgi

    See you there!

  7. Christo

    I will be there!

  8. Gert

    I’d like to attend as well.

  9. Jody

    Will there be an event in Cape Town?

  10. Mark

    I would be interested in attending.

  11. Craig

    Will you be holding any events in Cape Town?

  12. Thinus

    Ahhh, some nice exposure for this event on SSC’s newsletter this morning:)

  13. Gail

    At the moment the events are going to be just JHB, because the two of us who are organising things live in JHB/PTA.

    I would like to expand to CT in the future, but it will be after things are running smootly in JHB.

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  15. Gail

    Thinus: Indeed. It’s good to have friends in high places. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Luis

    Great! I’ll be attending! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Christopher Viljoen

    I would be interested in attending.

  18. Simon Stewart

    Sounds good, will attend.

  19. Steve Simon

    Gail, it was super to find out that you are reviving the group.Well done!!! This is something that we really need.

    As I mentioned, if there is enough interest I would be more than happy to present my PASS 2008 Summit Presentation “DTS 2000 migration to SSIS…makes financial sense !!” in November in Joh’burg when I am out there.I shall also be in CT during December if there are enough folks interested in seeing the presentation.
    My best to you all for your first meeting.

    sincerest regards
    Steve Simon
    State Street Corporation
    Boston USA

  20. Sue

    I will be there thanks

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  22. Kevin McClusky

    Myself and Reynard Helberg would be interested in attending.

  23. Gail


  24. Kevin Taylor

    I Will be there thanks, so add me to the attendee list


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