Great start to the new year. Not!

My flat got broken into last night. Cell phone, laptop, camera and wallet all gone.

Yay. Not!

Edit: And my iPod. And an ornamental knife I bought in Scotland a few year back.


  1. Grant

    Damn. Sorry to hear it. I doubt there’s a thing I can do from a different hemisphere, but if you need something, ask.

  2. Gail

    About all I can do now is replace the stuff that was taken. I spent all of today getting replacement bank cards, SIM card, Driver’s licence and all that.

  3. Jack D Corbett

    Sorry to hear about it Gail. The stuff can be replaced but the time to sort it all out and the sense of security can’t.

  4. Iain

    Wow that sucks, sorry to hear that


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