Durban SA Developer meeting

I’m going to be speaking at a Durban SA Developer meeting on Thursday 12th Feb. Details and RSVP on the SADeveloper site please

I will be presenting once again the session that I did at the PASS summit in Seattle last year – The dirty dozen… 12 Ways to write badly performing T-SQL.


  1. Sankar

    Gail, Is the meeting available thru webinar?

  2. Gail

    I’m just presenting at it, not organising. Please ask Diago (on the SADeveloper site) any questions on organisation, time or anything else.


  3. Kalyan

    Hi Gail, I had attended your ‘Durban SA Developer meeting’, the examples showing the dirty dozen where excellent, can you please share them b’cos i couldnot make a note of them at that time.

  4. Gail

    I’ll get the presentation and the revised demos up later this week.


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