SQL Quiz 5 – SANs and magic tricks

Chris Shaw‘s come up with yet another of his SQL quizes, this one’s a little more technical than the previous few have been. Tim Ford tagged me on this one.

1) Do you feel that you have a reliable SAN Solution? If so what is the secret?

Well, this one’s easy for me. What SAN?

I work from home and don’t directly admin databases any longer. Unlike Paul and Kimberly, I can’t afford a multi TB SAN in the basement to play with (not that I have a basement)

The most advanced storage I have here is a RAID 5 array on my fileserver/domain controller, and that came in very handy a couple months ago when one of the drives in there failed without warning.

2) Describe in laymen’s term what database mirroring is

Ok, do you know the kind of sleight-of-hand tricks that performing magicians do? Show a coin in one hand, make it disappear and then have it appear in the other hand? The trick is that there are two identical coins, but one one is ever visible to the audience.

Database mirroring’s like that. There are two identical databases (kept identical by technological wizadry), the users can only ever see one of them and when one disappears the other one appears, hopefully fast enough that the users don’t get frustrated waiting.

Let’s see… going to pass this one on to Paul Randal and Christopher Stobbs

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