SQL Server Usergroup – September Meeting

The September meeting of the SA SQL Server usergroup will be on the 15th of September. Venue and time are the same as always, 18h30 at the Microsoft offices

This month, Theo Potgieter will be presenting a session on lessons learn in deploying, maintaining, optimising and scaling a merge replication architecture

Hope to see you all there. Please let me know if you’re coming, I need numbers for catering purposes


  1. mike

    Hi Gail

    I will be there

    Ps – Is this how you would like to receive confirmations, or would you rather receive an e-mail you

  2. Randolph

    Hi Gail

    I too would like to attend, and will be bringing a colleague. I assume this is sufficient notice as I can’t find an email address for you.

  3. Gail

    A comment here is perfectly sufficient as notification. Look forward to meeting you all.

    I don’t put an email address where it’s visible, because of spam bots.

  4. koBus

    Hi Gail
    I will also like attend. Hope it is not too late to respond…

    1. Gail

      Not to late. Look forward to seeing you there.

  5. Nick Rowan

    Hey Gail,

    I’ll be there this week.

  6. Nick Rowan

    Aaaannd right after saying that the servers at work all kick the bucket. I’m afraid I’m not gonna make it after all 🙁


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