PASS Main conference – Day 2

Too tired to post much right now.

I skipped the keynote this morning, the BI just doesn’t interest me that much. Also missed the morning session to hit the vendor hall, since I couldn’t last night.

The MVP book signing occurred around midday. Must have been around 200 books to sign. Funniest part was the comments from the other authors, putting a sql-related spin on the long queue and pile of books. Overheard “Looks like the input buffer’s filling up down there”

Also skipped the first of the afternoon sessions to sit in the “Ask the Experts” area and chat with a couple of the devs on topics around statistics. There was something I needed to clarify before my session tomorrow. Unfortunately the dev who worked on that are wasn’t there. Hopefully there’ll be some mail around lunchtime tomorrow with the answer.

My session on indexing went ok. Not fantastic, but ok. Will see if stats goes better tomorrow.

For the last session I sat in on a discussion on xquery. Starting to understand how that works, need to play more though. Don’t really agree on the ‘use xml for tables with changing column definitions’ though.

Photos tomorrow.

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