PASS Day 3 and post-con

Once the pre-con was done I dropped into the SQLCAT sessions on consolidation and virtualisation. Late, because I was cleaning up at the blogger’s table (Adam wasn’t there that day). Interesting session, the best-practices were worth noting down and their graphs on performance were encouraging.

After lunch I was intending to go to Allen’s clustering session, but it was over my head, so I switched to Buck’s SQL manageability presentation

Buck Woody’s session is a laugh-riot. Anyone he knows within view gets picked on. and various groups are getting insulted. Insulted in that session

  • Me
  • British people
  • South Africans
  • Developers
  • U2 fans
  • Baptists
  • Microsoft
  • Elderly people

All in good humour, no serious insult intended.

I missed the next session, chatted with Brent Ozar. Last of the day was my session on statistics. Audience was a little tired, but the session went quite well. I asked about table sizes and someone claimed a 100 billion row table. I really do want to know what kind of data they’re storing that generates a table that size.

The post-con day was quiet, in comparison with the days before. I split time between a post-con on semi-structured and unstructured data and some insider sessions. Some cool stuff under discussion in the insider sessions and lots of good debate. The post-con was useful, the part on full-text the most. It’s not something I’ve played much with in the past.

That’s PASS over and done for another year. Same time, same place, next year.


  1. Randolph

    Dammit! My 17 billion rows have been trumped!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it on 17th!

  2. Rob Boek

    I don’t have 100 million rows, but I do have a single table that is 20TB.

    1. Gail

      Ouch. For the sake of sheer curiosity, what are you storing in that table?


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