Tourist time, Amsterdam and Vancouver

Nothing fancy here, just some of the photos that I took in Amsterdam and Vancouver. Taken with my phone, as I forgot to check the camera battery before I left, and I forgot to pack the charger.


Amsterdam Central train station

2011-02-23 12.06.48

One of the canals downtown Amsterdam
2011-02-23 12.25.04

2011-02-23 12.21.16

2011-02-23 13.03.43


The steam-powered clock
2011-02-24 12.47.03

One of the parks around the city.
2011-02-24 13.54.18

Entrance to Chinatown
2011-02-24 13.59.59

Taken from near the ScienceWorld
2011-02-25 12.14.48

Half-frozen fountains Friday afternoon
2011-02-25 16.13.17

And snow on Saturday.
2011-02-27 04.41.23

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