On hiatus

I’m taking a break from blogging while I finish off my thesis. With the pile of outstanding things that need doing and the deadlines for them, something has to give, and I figure the blog is the least impact of the lot.

Other than possible 24 Hours of PASS and PASS Summit feedback and some promised SQL University posts, the next blog post here will be a discussion of how not to go about doing a research degree while working full-time, which will be posted sometime after I get the thesis submitted.


  1. Chandan

    You sacrificed blogging for sometime, that’s okay but don’t say that it has least impact:-( I wait to see some gem post every now and then.

    BTW, are you preparing for PASS summit, I mean what is the paper you are currently working on.


  2. Eric Wisdahl

    Congrats and good luck!


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