Books of 2017

Right, beginning of a new year, so time to look at what I read in the last year and what of it I can recommend.

Please ignore that it’s almost February. I’m going to pretend that the year starts with February, that way I don’t have to think about where January went.

First thing to mention is a change of tracking method. The blog plugin I was using to track my books doesn’t work under HTTPS. It gives odd errors when adding or updating books. I wasn’t in the mood for debugging php, instead the entire tracking of books and reading dates has been moved to GoodReads (with a few hiccups along the way)

That does make it easy to get the retrospective of 2017 at least:

77 books read, my goal was 75 and I was surprised that this time I made the goal (helped partially by a week vacation in December where I read 10 books)

There were a few of the year’s books that I consider standouts.

Caliban’s War, Abaddon’s Gate and Cibola Burns

The Expanse series is fantastic, and in these three books things go from bad (proto-molecule infested moon crashes into Venus) to worse, to weird, to really, really bad.

Complex characters, complex plot, very little black and white and every solution to a problem creates a few more problems along the way.

Ordination and StillBright

I’m a sucker for paladins. A friend pointed out a few years back that most of my D&D characters have paladin tendencies. Case in point, my current character is a 5e LG Fighter with 2 levels of Cleric.

These are the story about a battle-weary knight who, after being chosen by a forgotten goddess, strives to become a beacon of hope to the war-torn world

Stiger’s Tigers, The Tiger, The Tiger’s Fate

Roman-type empire in a fantasy world. Junior legion officer thrown to the wolves and manages to change the world in the process.

I like the ‘roman legions in a fantasy world’ idea and, other than this and Codex Alera, I haven’t seen good treatments of the idea.

Arcanum Unbounded

Short stories by Brandon Sanderson in the Cosmere shared universe.
Enough said.


For 2018 I’m setting the same goal, 75 books. I have piles of unread books all over the house, so I’m not short on material, just on time.


  1. Janet Smith

    Have you read The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan? It’s been recommended to me but alas, procrastination defeats me also.

  2. Gail (Post author)

    I haven’t. I loved the first of his other series, but was advised to avoid books 2 and 3. Will give it a go.


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