Virtualization launch event

I got roped into speaking at the Microsoft SA Virtualization launch earlier this week (Thursday 23rd October). It went fairly well, though I do need to work on pacing for these kind of things. That said, I only had three days to prepare everything, so it didn’t go too badly. đŸ˜‰

I did two hour long sessions on new features for developers in SQL 2008. Amoung the things covered were:

  • Data Compression
  • Datetime data types
  • Table types
  • Table parameters
  • Grouping sets
  • Merge
  • Sparse column
  • Filtered indexes
  • Geospacial data types and indexes
  • Filestream
  • HierarchyID

The slides are available if anyone wants them – What’s New For Developers. (2.5MB)


  1. Ben

    Thanks for the slides!

  2. John H

    Ta muchly for the slides

  3. Gail



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