Speaking Engagements

It’s going to be a busy 6 months in terms of conferences and speaking (well, busy for me, I’m just getting used to the whole speaker thing)

TechEd Africa

TechEd Africa is running from the 2nd to the 5th of August in Durban. I’m presenting two sessions there, one on query hints and plan guides and one on evaluating your indexing strategies. I’ll also very likely be helping out in the community lounge and the Ask the Experts area.

PASS Community Summit

I’m presenting two sessions at the PASS Community Summit this year. A spotlight session on titled ‘Lies, damned lies and Statistics’ and a general session titled ‘Insight into Indexes’

The spotlight session will be covering column statistics, why SQL creates them and how, when they’re updated, the importance of accurate statistics, some of the problems that can result when they’re not accurate and some maintenance strategies.

The general session will be looking at what SQL can tell you about indexes, how they’re been used, what they’re been used for and what indexes SQL thinks it wants, and how reliable all that information is.

SQL Usergroup

I’ll be presenting at the October meeting of the SQL Server usergroup and will be doing a final dry-run of one of the presentations that I’ll be giving at PASS. I haven’t decided which one yet.


  1. Tim Mitchell

    Looking forward to finally meeting you in person at PASS this year!

  2. Gail

    Likewise. Sorry to see your session didn’t get accepted. Hang in there, I got turned down three years in a row.


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